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STIHL MS 261 + chain + 1.0 l diesel fuel FREE Maximize

STIHL MS 261 + chain + 1.0 l diesel fuel FREE

Excellent mid-range chainsaw power. Economical, ergonomic with a minimum tendency to oscillate. The new model STIHL MS 261 is the successor to the legendary MS 260 chain saw (one of the best-selling chainsaws in the world), perfect for wszytkich work, ie thinning, care stand, logging, wood-cutting and the cutting of wood for construction.

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Standard equipment


During the process of flushing the air layer contains no fuel is placed between the exhaust gases are eliminated and a fresh batch mixture in the crankcase. The result: a reduction of fuel losses during the flushing process, the operator health and the environment and to 20% less fuel compared to conventional two-stroke engines without 2-MIX technology. More information

The decompression valve

The decompression valve allows the boot removed from the cylinder portion of the compressed mixture. This enables a significant reduction in the force required to pull the starter rope, relieving the person operating the device and protect the whole system start-up.

Side chain tensioner

Tensioner bolt knob is rotated special passing through the wheel cover drive saw. This allows you to avoid hand contact with sharp chainsaw and sharp teeth bumper resistance.

Oil pump with capacity control

Allows for accurate, relevant to the needs lubrication. Means that provides a suitable amount of oil supply in all operating conditions. Professionals dispense accurately. The pump can reduce oil consumption by 50%.

Air filter system long life with pre-filter

The air filters for long life increases significantly periods of between cleanings of the filter. Larger and heavier particles are thrown by centrifugal force out, followed by an ascending ramp up additionally disposed. The pre-purified air is supplied to the air filter. More information

Four-tech STIHL

The four channels occurs through swirling fuel-air mixture before ignition. This provides better fuel economy and significantly increases the efficiency of the engine. The result: lower fuel consumption and high torque over a wide RPM range.

STIHL ElastoStart

Compression pressure causes the formation to run internal combustion engines reflections aggravating the muscles and joints of the operator. Damping element placed in a special holder starter absorbs and transmits the forces in accordance with the course of the compression cycle, thus allowing the device to run smoothly without jerking.


Located in the carburetor compensator STIHL makes, despite the increased pollution of the air filter engine power, the content of harmful substances in the exhaust and fuel consumption for a long time remain constant.Clean the filter becomes necessary only when the engine power will drop significantly. In this way it is possible to work longer without the need for maintenance.

Anti-Vibration System

Strong vibrations transmitted by mechanical holders may lead to diseases of the vibration. For this reason, STIHL created the anti-vibration system. In devices equipped with the mechanical zone AV mounts significantly reduce the number of vibrations produced by the combustion engine and the working tool.

STIHL Ematic-System

The STIHL Ematic consists of Ematic guide, chainsaw Oilomatic and oil pump with capacity control resp. reduction of the flowing oil. The special design of the bar and the chain that makes every drop of oil reaches exactly in those places the chain where it is most needed. This allows the reduction of the consumption of lubricating oil chainsaw to 50%.

Practical reservoir cap

The special, patented plugs and oil fuel tanks. Tanks machines equipped with such plugs can quickly open and close - without the use of force and any tools.

Multi-function switch

Supports all important functions of saws, such as start-up heat and cold, workand off is via a single lever. This solution provides exceptional comfort and safety of operation, because the right hand all the time rests on the handle.

Power [kW / hp] 2,8 / 3,8
Displacement [cm ³] 50.2
STIHL Chainsaw Oilomatic [pitch / type] .325 "RSC
Weight [kg] 5.2
Power to weight ratio [kg / kW] 1.9
The value of vibration handle front / rear [m / s ²] 3,5 / 3,5
Sound pressure level [dB (A)] 102.0
Sound Power Level [dB (A)] 113.0

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