Stihl HT-KM - KombiNarzędzie podkrzesywarka

Stihl Stihl

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KombiNarzędzie podkrzesywarka to KombiSystemu STIHL. KombiNarzędzie podkrzesywarka facilitates such care of fruit trees. This allows safe operation from the ground.

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Weight: 1.8 kg. Overall length: 126 cm. For all KombiMotorów the handle of the envelope (R) and a knapsack, a two-part mechanical kos (T).

Weight [kg] 1.8
Total length [m] 1.26

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Strong KombiMotor with patented 4-MIX engine and holder of the envelope for universal applications. He works on a mixture of fuel and oil. Excellent power. Easy transport and storage. Practical quick-quick-change tools. Suitable for all KombiNarzędzi.

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