Stihl HT-KM - KombiNarzędzie podkrzesywarka

Stihl Stihl

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KombiNarzędzie podkrzesywarka to KombiSystemu STIHL. KombiNarzędzie podkrzesywarka facilitates such care of fruit trees. This allows safe operation from the ground.

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186,43 €

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Weight: 1.8 kg. Overall length: 126 cm. For all KombiMotorów the handle of the envelope (R) and a knapsack, a two-part mechanical kos (T).

Weight [kg] 1.8
Total length [m] 1.26

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Blower STIHL BR 500 - Quiet fan with 4-MIX engine

Strong, silent blower backpacks for fast, economical cleaning of large surfaces in areas such as requiring the maintenance of peace with grass clippings, hedge debris, leaves, trash and snow. Patented 4-Mix engine equipped with a noise reduction solution offers extremely quiet operation. Low fuel consumption and low emissions.

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