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Karcher HDS 12/18-4 S PROMOTION! Maximize

Karcher HDS 12/18-4 S PROMOTION!

Extremely rugged and simple to operate. ECO mode (unique to Kärcher) makes the device are unmatched in the market. Activating this function, the device automatically selects the optimal water temperature. This carries fuel economy, and above all, positive effect on the environment.

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The device is designed to work in medium-sized companies in the services industry and the automotive industry. Car wash; structure; engines; wash in car washes.
Full range of pressure washer in industry, agriculture, municipal economy

Features and Benefits


  • ECO- ECO function allows you to work in the most economical temperature range (60 ° C) and the maximum water flow. As compared to using a water temperature of 80 ° C, the optimization of the heating cycle, fuel consumption is reduced to 20%.
  • Rotary Service- Allows you to set the water hardness, which is fed into the machine. This allows the dispensing of the proper amount of softening agent, which prevents the accumulation of scale in the coil.
  • Easy Press and Servo Control- Kärcher pressure guns are equipped with systems that reduce the force required to depress the trigger - Easy Press. In addition, you can smoothly adjust the water flow rate and pressure using Servo Control.
  • Three-piston axial pump- Optimized pump is characterized by high efficiency and long service life.
  • Ceramic sleeves- Three-piston axial pump is equipped with sleeves made from wear-resistant ceramic material. This is a guarantee of longwear life
  • Filling detergent- The precise detergent metering allows for free and economical operation. The position '0 ', the system is flowing pure water.
  • 4-pole motor- The main advantage of a four-pole low-speed electric motor is its long service life and lower noise than conventional induction motors.
  • Control Panel- Intuitively arranged instruments and, LEDs used in new equipment Kärcher pressure makes the control panel is easy to read for each user.
  • Loading- The chassis clearly marked places where you can put eg fork lift truck to pick up the device.
  • Transport- In case there are special hooks on the strap to secure the device eg cargo crates van.
  • Mobility- Large, rubber coated rear wheels and front caster wheels allow you to easily reach the device. Ergonomic handles allow you to easily push and pull device behind.
  • Flue gas temperature sensor- Checking the flue gas temperature ensures safety. If the gas temperature exceeds 300 ° C, the device automatically turns off.
  • Housing- Made from high quality impact resistant plastic. Built-in fuel tanks and cleaning a positive effect on service.
  • Water Filter- Correct water filter installed at the overflow stops any dirt particles, thereby protecting the pump from damage.
  • SDS- A system that reduces the pressure pulsation in the system pressure unit, which extends the life of the pump components the high side.
  • Comprehensive protection device- New protection system protects the device against the accumulation of scale in the boiler coil. Cleaners from Advance series were created to protect the entire device. Practical, 1-liter bottles should be placed in a special pocket. The device recognizes the type of measure, and automatically dispenses the appropriate quantities, depending on the water hardness set to dial service. Advance measures to protect the device also against the so-called. black water (rust in the boiler with very soft water).


Standard equipment:

  • Trigger gun with soft grip
  • High-pressure hose, 10 m, Longlife
  • Lance, 1050 mm
  • Power nozzle
  • Servo Control
  • Anti-twist system (AVS)
  • 3-piston axial pump with ceramic pistons sleeves
  • Pole reversing plug (three phase)
  • Damping system SDS
  • Electronic service control
  • Electronic service control with LED display
  • Two tanks for detergent
  • Protection against dry running
Power [kW / hp] 8.4
Weight [kg] 178
Power [~ / V / Hz] 3/400/50
Flow rate [l / h] 600 - 1200
Pressure [bar / psi] 30 - 180/3 - 18
Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm] 1330 x 750 x 1060
Detergent tank [l] 20
Fuel consumption [kg / h] 7.7
Maximum temperature [° C] 80 - 155

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