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STIHL SR 450 - Universal sprayer combustion Maximize

STIHL SR 450 - Universal sprayer combustion

Comfortable sprayer large scale spraying. Easy to use. With a roomy tank. Quick Launch device. Equipped with a practical mechanism for conversion 2in1, which allows you to perform both spraying and spraying pellets.

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597,74 €

Standard equipment

STIHL ElastoStart

Compression pressure causes when running 2-stroke engines to reflect the emergence of aggravating the muscles and joints of the operator. The system ElastoStart special cushioning element disposed in the handle starter extends appropriately to the force and enables smooth start device without jerks.

One-handed grip multifunction

Functions operating a motor integrated in the handle. In this place there is also a spray valve for dispensing a substance that can be comfortably and ergonomically turn on and off. (Photo close to actual)

The support system

Sprayers are equipped with comfortable carrying system. During operation feels very favorable weight distribution. (Photo close to actual)

STIHL anti-vibration system

Anti-vibration system effectively relieves the operator from troublesome body vibration. Rubber damping elements reduce the transmission of vibrations generated by the engine running. The handle of the sprayer moves extremely small amount of vibration. This ensures comfort and economy of forces at work. (Picture similar to the original).

Displacement [cm ³] 63.3
Weight [kg] 12.8
Sound pressure level [dB (A)] 101.0
Sound Power Level [dB (A)] 109.0
Fuel tank capacity [l] 1.7
The value of vibration [m / s ²] 1.9
Capacity of spray material [l] 14
Range at the level [m] 14

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