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Sustainable growth from Kärcher over the years: innovation has been and still is the most important growth factor for Kärcher. Both past and present Kärcher working with great commitment to develop new solutions.


In the jubilee year 2010, the family business Kärcher reported significant sales growth, increased share of the global market for equipment and cleaning products and has created many new jobs. The company recorded the highest sales (7.3 million units sold) and the highest turnover (1.5 billion) in its 75-year history. 

Once again, innovation has been one of the most important factors in development. At the market includes more than 150 new units, including the BD 50/40 RS - excellent feedback Scrubber step-on, HDS 5/11 U - a new class of high-pressure device, "Upright" and Home Line, or device designed for the electricity sector. 

In 2010, Kärcher has also focused on social responsibility - to support charitable, social and cultural institutions in many countries worldwide and was actively involved in environmental protection. Among the most important social action projects were to help - in the form of providing drinking water and cooking - those affected by natural disasters in Haiti, Chile and Pakistan. Kärcher technology has played an important role in the maintenance of valuable monuments of architecture, among others cleared the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and stubborn deposits removed from the bridge of Nihonbashi in Tokyo.

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