Terms and conditions:

FirstShop, located on the website athttp://www.agroserwis.com.plallows you to make purchases via the Internet.

SecondShophttp://www.agroserwis.com.plis owned by:

PHU "Rose"

ThirdAddress for correspondence:

PHU "Rose"

st. Kruczkowski 2
48-303 Nysa
Tel: +48 77/4310837, +48 77/4310865

4thBuying online storehttp://agroserwis.com.plmeans acceptance of these Rules.

5thOrder can be made using the product was added to the cart and then through the "Order".
In order to properly perform the contract procedure, you will need assumptionsyour user account, so you can also watch the status of the contract.

6thThe basic condition for the realization of purchases is to properly fill the contact details along with a valid, existing e-mail address and telephone number at which you can confirm your order.

7thOrder can be made24 hours a daythroughout the year. Orders placed on weekdays after hours.13:00Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - will be made next working day.

8thIn case of circumstances preventing full or part-time execution of the order,PHU "Rose"and reserves the right to suspend the execution of the contract - about the situation agree to immediately notify the Employer.

9thOrders are incorrectly filled in datas (e-mail does not exist, or no phone) will not be considered.

10thPHU "Rose"reserves the right to suspend the dubious contracts.

11thPrices of goods in shop http://www.agroserwis.com.pl are given in Polish zloty and include VAT (gross price).

12thFirmPHU "Rose"and the company shall issue a receipt or an invoice for the purchased product. To receive a VAT invoice must correctly fill in details of the company along with the NIP.

13thWe can receive the goods ordered on-site as well as by courier (DHL, etc.).

14thWarranty repairs are carried out in the office or at authorized sites across the country.

15thShop Agroserwis guarantee to return the purchased goods without giving any reason within 10 days of receipt of goods (in accordance with the Act of March 2, 2000.) Admission of return is sent to the address of the companyPHU "Rose"or e-mail atbiuro@agroserwis.org.plwithin10 daysof receipt of the delivery of the goods declaration of withdrawal from the contract. With the withdrawal, the consumer must return the goods to the companyPHU "Rose"in the original packaging, together with proof of purchase, undamaged merchandise that is not damaged or used. The cost of delivery of returned goods shall be borne by the Client. Goods must be properly packed and protected against any breach in transport. Return the product will becredited to the designated account. We do not accept shipments sent to us on delivery.

This declaration of withdrawal, according to art. Three paragraphs. 1 of the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products can be downloaded>> HERE <<(PDF format)

16thContents Agroserwis online store does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Civil Code art. 53 All information about the products come from materials published by the manufacturers. Actual appearance may differ slightly from that shown on the website. In accordance with Article. 24 section 1 item 4 of the Act on personal data protection information provided on this site are collected and processed solely for purposes related to the contract. The data are not shared and passed on to third parties or processed for other purposes.

17thGoods are sent at the latest5 daysworking from the moment an order confirmation when the item is in stock. If the goods you order a delivery date will be set by telephone. or a web When you receive the goods, please unpack shipments in the presence of the carrier and determine if the device in the consignment has not been damaged during transport.If you are found to be damaged in the presence of the courier to write down the damage and do not accept the shipment. This fact, please immediately inform our company by phone, we send a new shipment.

NOTE:Determination of damage without the presence of the courier advertise prevents damaged goods. Without a protocol drawn up shipping claims will be considered.

18th"The customer purchasing the store agrees to transfer your e - mail to Allegro Group Sp. z oo with its registered office in Poznań and the processing of the storehttp://www.agroserwis.com.pland the Allegro Group Sp. z oo, the personal data in order to complete the survey of opinion on the transaction in the storehttp://www.agroserwis.com.pl(In accordance with the applicable provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection of 29.08.1997). "

19thPrices appearing on the Store website, as well as product descriptions are merely commercial information, and do not offer in the meaning of the Civil Code. Mandatory nature - for the conclusion of specific contracts - they gain only upon confirmation of order by the Seller.

20thAdoption of the order is confirmed by the Seller. If the site store or order confirmation contain errors, especially in the description of the goods, the price (grossly deviates from market prices), print, or technical errors in the transmission, the Seller is entitled to file a statement of general principles on the repeal of the legal consequences of a declaration of will receipt of the order, which applies to significant errors regarding the content of legal action, and to cancel the contract within 21 days from the date of the product to the Customer, which covers the remaining errors, if they are caused by the customer (even if no fault), or were he knew, or could be easily seen, especially by comparison with the proposals of other online retailers. In the case of avoiding the seller from the consequences of a declaration of intent to accept the order, or withdraw from the agreement, the parties shall return to what you witnessed in its execution.

This does not include obvious clerical errors that do not affect the content of the agreement between the parties, which must be interpreted in line corresponds to the intention of both parties and the purpose of its conclusion.