Gardening equipment rental and construction

We are one of the first companies, which opened gardening equipment rental and construction industries. Our experience has enabled the introduction of our rental equipment to the needs of our customers. If you do not need right now to buy a machine, or want to try before you buy in your area, please use our rental services.

To use the rental must complete the following formalities:

  • give us insight into two forms of photo, including the ID card
  • sign a contract hire
  • pay a refundable deposit
  • pay a fee for borrowing
  • it is possible to book phone

Car booking:

  • Chain saw -80 zł
  • Petrol cultivator -80 zł
  • Lawn mower -70 zł
  • Brushcutter -70 zł
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner -70 zł
  • Vacuum washer -70 zł
  • Power generator -90 zł
  • Petrol Pump -70 zł
  • Diesel rig -80 zł
  • Scarifier combustion -80 zł
  • Snowblower mower -120 of³
  • Petrol Hedge Trimmers -70 zł
  • Cutting Angle -50 zł
  • Hammer of combustion -100 zł
  • Hammer -80 zł
  • Cutter for asphalt / concrete -100 zł
  • Compactor -120 zł
  • Log splitter Wood -60 zł

Prices include the rental of equipment per day and are net prices.

Refundable deposit for renting:

  • Garden equipment -300 zł
  • Machinery -500 zł

You are welcome!