HONDA HRX 537C4 VKE kosiarka spalinowa 6,5 KM 2018

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HONDA EC5000 (5,0 kW) - agregat prądotwórczy + olej + Wysyłka GRATIS. Do 5 lat gwarancji !

The history of Honda's commitment to building machine is longer than you expect. In 1953, Honda began production of a universal power unit - two-stroke, single-engine of one horse power motor, named - The type of H. Its design was based on an engine borrowed from the Honda motorcycle model F - Cub.
The history of civilization is inseparably linked with the invention, development and application of a driving force in all its forms. For hundreds of years humankind had made their lives more comfortable using the power of animals and natural forces (wind, water) to produce things which are not enough human power only. Already 3500 years BC, the Sumerians cultivated the land with the plow drawn by cattle. 1700 years before Christ the Babylonians pumped water for irrigation by windmills. The Romans invented the water mill in 16 AD, but only in 1765 Scotsman James Watt invented the steam engine. 100 years later in 1876, Nikolaus August Otto built the first prototype, four-stroke internal combustion engine. His power soon found application not only to drive cars and motorcycles but also pumps, generators and other machinery.